What challenges will you do?

We love 30 Day challenges, and other people do too! Inc.com recently published an article of trending challenges people are participating in. Some of our favorites that we'd love to try are to:



  • Talk to a stranger a day
  • Negotiate once a day
  • Quit social media
  • Swear off swearing


Last year, Lauren took on TWELVE different 30 day challenges, one for each month of the year. Some highlights were:


  • Call a friend every day 
  • Paint something every day
  • Donate every day
  • Work on memorizing a poem every day, and recite it by heart on the 30th day

You can read about all of these challenges, and the takeways from them, here

Some amazing Parachute community members did these challenges too, and we loved hearing their feedback about how their time became more intentional and focused while participating. 

The only question now is... what challenges will you do?

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Eliza Coleman