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At Parachute, we're focused on helping you get what you want when it comes to careers, confidence, and leadership. Whether you're still figuring out what you want to be when you grow up, leaning into your new leadership position, or committed to shoring up your self-confidence, Parachute has you covered. Want to learn more? You can sign up for a free initial consultation!

The Parachute Team

Lauren Laitin, Principal

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As an accomplished attorney, I've taken my drive and talents and built Parachute Coaching, a professional coaching practice focused on advancing women's careers, confidence, and leadership. Prior to founding Parachute, I spent six years practicing law at Skadden, Arps, a Wall Street firm with a global presence, five years working for the federal government, and three years in entrepreneurial endeavors.   

Throughout my career, I have gained valuable perspective on how to navigate large bureaucracies, well-oiled hierarchical organizations, and small but growing operations.  Each comes with different personalities, advantages, and disadvantages.  I was successful in all of these places in different ways because I developed tools specific to the environment that allowed me to adapt, build relationships, and carve a path to success based on my goals.  Schedule a free initial consultation with me.

B.A. from Columbia University
M.P.A. from George Washington University
J.D. from American University, summa cum laude
P.C.C. Professional certified coach training, Coaches Training Institute

Adrienne Prentice, Associate

Adrienne Bio

Adrienne brings years of legal, management, and talent development experience to her coaching. She began her career in private practice as a corporate attorney at Pillsbury later specializing in technology transactions at Cooley. Following her interest in leadership and management, Adrienne joined Hewlett Packard to gain on the ground management experience, leading a team of thirty-five attorneys across North and South America focusing on recruitment, training, evaluation and culture change. She acquired a particular expertise in developing and implementing talent management strategies that bridge generational divides and maximize the potential of the millennial workforce. Adrienne found her love of coaching while at Hewlett Packard and pursued formal coach training through the Coaches Training Institute.

Her years of experience as a coach, lawyer and manager have refined an intuitive understanding of when to push clients out of their comfort zone and when to pause and acknowledge accomplishments. Adrienne is driven by helping clients discover their values and empowering them use that knowledge to fulfill their potential. She particularly loves working with clients transitioning into parenthood, new parents, and those balancing parenting and work. In her free time, she practices yoga, devours podcasts and runs MotherNation, a wellness community for women in the beginning stages of motherhood.

B.S. from Cornell University
J.D. from American University
Coach training, Coaches Training Institute


The Parachute Story

My first assignment for her first class as an undergrad at Columbia was to write an essay about one word that describes me. Parachute was my word -- open, adventurous, and colorful. 

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Those qualities have stuck with me through several long years as an analyst in the intelligence community (a time when I couldn't be very open), law school, fast-paced years in the hallways, offices and conference rooms of a top law firm, and then the brick-exposed walls of a start-up law firm, and now to you.  Along the way, I traveled a bunch, made countless friends, colleagues, and mentors, logged hours on the phone, writing emails, and yes, even letters to stay in touch.  Most importantly though, I met my husband, and became a mother to two vivacious daughters.   

I was introduced to coaching shortly after returning to the law firm after maternity leave.  I attended a presentation on work-life balance where a captivating coach gave a 10 minute presentation, and I knew that in time, that would be me. 

Over the next six years, I toyed with the timing, but I continued to read, research, talk, crave, and dream about it.  I found the right time, and went for it.  Since launching Parachute, I've coached hundreds of women, leaders, and teams.  Just like me, every client has her own story. What's yours? 

I look forward to hearing about the words that describe you, your path, and what keeps you reading, researching, talking, craving, dreaming, and ultimately doing. And if you haven't figured it out yet, well, then we can do that too.

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