Sometimes it IS the destination.

Sure, the journey is important. But sometimes the destination is the key


It's been a while since we've chatted, and I've been missing you! For almost six months, my destination has been Mexico City, and it has brought adventure, joy, intrigue, confusion, excitement, happiness, challenge, and everything in between. But it wasn't the getting here that was momentous. It's the being here. So I think the t-shirt has it wrong. Maybe it actually isn't the journey after all. Maybe it really is the destination. 


No question the path to something is worthwhile, formative, and often eye-opening. But enjoying the view from the summit? Well, there's just nothing like it. The accomplishment of having taken the plunge. The thrill of figuring out how to make it work. The satisfaction of being right where you want to be. 

During my Latin American adventure, the Parachute community has continued to grow and thrive, and all the tacos and language barriers and new customs have brought new perspective and new leadership lessons. But mostly, I have had the chance to soak it in, to revel in the growth this intentional excursion has brought my family and me, and to be grateful that we are here, in this destination everyday. 


So now that you've made it through January, and who knows, maybe you're one of the mere few still hanging on to your New Year's resolution, my question for you is: Where are you going in 2019? What is your destination?

If that question is making your heart pound because you don't know the answer, we can help. If you know exactly what where you are headed, but you need a little extra support to get there,we're ready. If you've already made it, tell us about it!

Keep searching, keep pushing, keep enjoying the ride, and definitely marvel in the destination.

Lauren Laitin