Your Career

This is your place to be vivid, open, and adventurous. This is your place to be you.

Whether you’re wondering what you want to be when you grow up, planning for a career transition, or scared of what’s next, this is the place for you to slow down, look around, and make sure you land in a good spot.

Find your direction.

Write your story.

Boost your career.


Here’s what other people like you are saying.  What will you say?


"I've had many friends and family try to help me figure out what I want to do, but through my work at Parachute Coaching, I was able to open up and think outside the box. I came to the process feeling completely unfulfilled and stuck.  I left knowing that my career opportunities are endless."

-Chelsey, Senior Business Analyst, Amazon

“Working with Parachute Coaching was a complete game-changer for me.  When I started working with Lauren, I felt stuck in my career. I had no clear sense of direction, and I agonized over every decision I made. Through our work, I was able to see the value I brought to the table everyday, and I learned how to position myself to signal that confidence to the executive leaders at my company. Not only did I get promoted to VP--a position I wouldn't have been confident to take on previously--but I gained invaluable skills that I apply daily to keep holding myself accountable and push myself further. The best thing I have done for my career was reach out to Parachute!”

-Dominic, VP of Engineering, Interfolio  

"I found my experience with Parachute Coaching to be worth every penny and then some. I looked forward to each and every session. Parachute Coaching is not based on a "one-size-fits-all" model. Lauren is dynamic, thoughtful and incredibly bright. I would recommend Lauren and Parachute Coaching to anyone. Lauren helped me quell my various anxieties and focus on what I want.  In the process, I gained invaluable perspective on who I am and what I want."

-Natalie, Attorney, Skadden Arps

“Lauren’s advice has been invaluable as I navigate one of the biggest transitions—and as I weigh some of the most important decisions—in my career to date. Lauren’s coaching has, when necessary, provided the perfect “nudge,” and her insightful and actionable feedback has irreversibly changed my life for the better.”

-Luke, Attorney, King & Spalding

"My experience with Parachute Coaching was amazing.  Lauren created a positive space where I could be open about my true career goals.  She helped me navigate between big future goals that kept me motivated and small goals that strengthen my day-to-day skills. I left every session feeling lifted and optimistic."

-Monica, Higher Education Administrator, University of Colorado

"When I found Parachute Coaching, I was miserable in my job. It was emotionally draining, and I felt trapped. I needed someone to help me focus my energy and get the work done well, and fast! That’s exactly what I got. Lauren helped me identify the positive aspects of my current situation (however bad it seemed to me) and she skillfully guided me to pursue new career opportunities that more directly align with my values and goals. Just like an athletic coach, Lauren found my strengths and "trained" me to develop those, while being aware of potential weaknesses and obstacles I created for myself.  I am thrilled to say that within weeks (literally) I accepted an amazing position at a company I have been following for years. In addition, Lauren helped me discover ways in which I create my own obstacles and we developed strategies to prevent that in the future. Lauren is a true source of support -- responding quickly to emails and making herself available as needed, recognizing the anxiety of career transitions."

Denitsa, Software Engineer, Oracle




You’re juggling it all, finding your way, and using your voice -- or trying, at least.  We get it.  We’ve been there too.  Stop second-guessing yourself and get the support you want.  We call it confidence.  And we’re always finding more of it.

Define what matters.

Find your voice.

Work with confidence.


Here’s what other women like you are saying.  What will you say?


"Towards the end of my second maternity leave, I questioned how I could possibly return to Big Law as a mother of two (and a wife, friend, and lover of sleep!).  With both panic and hope, I reached out to Parachute.  Lauren was immediately validating, accepting, comforting, and inspiring.  Her homework assignments enabled me to identify and meaningfully define my values; our coaching sessions helped me to think intelligently, honestly, and creatively about how to honor these values in both my professional and personal choices.  Lauren led me through this process with patience and seemingly unconditional support, but also challenged me along the way to explore and understand how certain choices might impact my priority hierarchy.  When I ultimately decided to return to the firm, I did so confidently and with an unwavering commitment to protecting what I had learned I need to be my happiest self."

-Annie, Counsel, Latham & Watkins

"I had never sought out coaching before, but I found myself in a situation with my job that was causing me a lot of uncertainty.  I talked to my family and friends but I felt like we were going around in circles. I heard about Parachute Coaching through a friend, and figured I'd try it.  I added a lot of information about where I was coming from and what the problems I faced were, and Lauren got it immediately.  She sorted out everything I was sharing, and present it back to me in a clear way, within the first 20 minutes of our session.  The questions she asked were so elucidating, and she was able to hone in on who the key players were and where/why I was feeling conflict.  Through our work together, I was able to see my situation through a totally new lens.  Having someone smart and compassionate to talk specifically about career stuff was exactly what I needed."

-Shira, Educator




Teams need cohesion and direction.  Building a team culture isn’t easy.  But when teams work, they are magic.

Define the culture.  

Build trust.  

Be effective.


Here’s what other teams like yours are saying.  What will your team say?


"With Parachute Coaching's help, we worked as a team to collectively pinpoint the values we care about that now set the tone for our company. Lauren came in and put all of us at ease Day One, setting an honest and authentic tone right off the bat. She took the time to get to know how we tick, and we turn to her constantly now to give perspective on questions big or small because she gets us. I can honestly say we’re all happier, better leaders and better teammates because of our work with Parachute."

-Lily, COO, Mothership Strategies

"The feedback from the workshop was phenomenal; our employees were inspired, motivated and fulfilled by the one-on-one coaching sessions and the content of the workshop."

-Mary, Senior Manager, GE

"Lauren is excellent at holding a room.  She made an immediate impact in just a 90 minute workshop.”

-Jennifer, Managing Director, The Carlyle Group



Clear Focus

You’ve arrived.  Good for you. You’ve earned your spot in leadership.  You’ve been working towards it for so long. So why do you feel overwhelmed? Lonely? Unsure of where to go from here? Leadership is a constant work in progress.  Whether you’re managing more people, clearing new hurdles, growing a new business, or maintaining an old one, every leader needs a wingman.

Set new goals.

(Re)define your style.

Lead with confidence.


Here's what other Leader's are saying.  What will you say?


"I sought out Parachute Coaching because I needed help advocating for a new role and prioritizing my leadership and management responsibilities. I love my organization but knew if I didn't advocate for myself I would not get the role I deserved.  At the same time, I wanted to work with someone who could help me focus on new skills and expand my opportunities for next steps. Working with Lauren has exceeded my expectations.  She has a calming effect on me, but she also challenges me to look further and dig deeper, and she holds me accountable.  I'm grateful to have her on my team."

-Rosemary M., Managing Director, Center for Mind Body Medicine

"Love working with Lauren. She holds me accountable to the things I want for myself and for my business. She structures the sessions in a way that is both productive and friendly and her experience in both large organizations and small is valuable as I work through the various pain points and highlights of growing a successful business."

-Kirsten Quigley, CEO, 3greenmoms